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Giving, Receiving, & Integrating Feedback Training

For Your Organization

Enhance team communication and foster a culture of continuous improvement with this specialized training tailored for your organization's unique needs.


In Our Training You Will Learn

  • 5 core principles to increase competency giving, receiving and integrating feedback
  • The science of belonging and how it works in feedback conversations
  • The latest research on bias in performance discussions and ways to mitigate it
  • Techniques to address power dynamics in feedback and share accountability
  • How to approach feedback in ways that feel fulfilling and JOYFUL
Photograph showcasing Nikki Silvestri, CEO, and founder of Soil and Shadow, surrounded by her mentees. In this image, Nikki is actively engaged in mentoring and supporting a group of individuals, illustrating her commitment to empowering emerging leaders in sustainability and social justice. The photo captures a collaborative atmosphere as Nikki imparts wisdom and guidance to her mentees, fostering a sense of community and collective growth.

Your mission statement is fierce

As an Executive and Team Coach, my purpose is clear: to ensure purpose-driven teams prevent overwhelm, build social impact initiatives that cultivate emotional intelligence, respect the dynamic relationship between high productivity and rest, and encourage joy to combat hopelessness. Facing society’s biggest problems provokes fear and grief, which shows up as conflict, attrition, and self-sabotage within leaders and on teams. We need the radical personal power that results from radial personal accountability. We can build teams that outpace destructive behavior with regenerative behavior.  This is the essence of what I aspire for all teams to embody, as they navigate the inevitable conflicts that arise in their pursuit of a more inclusive and equitable future.


Kelly O’Donnell, Oregon Tilth

Before we began working with Nikki, we were dealing with a lack of trust, cohesion and effective communication within the organization. It felt like the quote on the definition of insanity. "Doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results."

Nikki was the difference. Her communication style broke through the noise. There were a few folks on our team that just needed to hear it from someone like her before they had their 'aha' moment. Our other consultants didn't have the human touch. They were too consultancy. =)

I’m so grateful that Nikki does this work. The way in which she conducts herself is graceful, true and intelligent. It was truly a pleasure to work with her and learn from her, and my original DEI goals were accomplished. Nikki’s one of a kind and she’s meant for this work.

Create a Visionary Roadmap
for Inclusive Impact

Bespoke Consulting by Nikki Silvestri CEO Founder of Soils and Shadow

Let us help you get productive and retain diversity.

Team Solution by Nikki Silvestri CEO Founder of Soils and Shadow

A learning platform that drives behavior change in performance and D&I.

Executive Coaching by Nikki Silvestri CEO Founder of Soils and Shadow

For leaders who are ready to uplevel with mindset training, leadership tools, and structural processes.


Does this sound like you?


It's uncomfortable to conduct one-on-one conversations to address tense situations or to untangle conflict.



When you advocate for increased productivity, you get accused of not being inclusive - you know inclusion and rigor aren’t mutually exclusive, but you’re struggling to communicate this and implement strategies to achieve them both.


You've done a training (or several trainings) in antiracism/DEI, but you still feel like you stumble to name and troubleshoot bias and systemic oppression.


You don’t know how to turn the constant opinions of your team and clients/community into useful feedback, and that dynamic is causing overwhelm and interpersonal tensions. 

Things Can Change

Everyone needs help with these skills! That’s why our systems and programs help you navigate these complicated subjects with grace and confidence.

Photo of Nikki Silvestri, CEO of Soil and Shadow, LLC. Known for her innovative approach to inclusion and leadership, Nikki integrates nature-inspired models into her work. She navigates societal challenges with a focus on ecology, economy, and equity. From White House presentations to local workshops, Nikki's impact resonates globally. She's honored with awards like ELLE Magazine’s Gold Award and recognized among The Root’s 100 Most Influential African Americans.


Nikki’s unique approach to inclusion, leadership, and organizational development takes cues from nature, building models of “social fertility” to weave them into a Joy and Impact™ framework. Her work also encourages a rigorous and shame-free approach to acknowledging our societal shadows and blind spots, especially when attempting to balance the triple bottom line (ecology, economy, and equity) in times of uncertainty, climate/health feedback loops, and increasing volatility.

Nikki’s wide-ranging career has taken her from presentations at the White House and negotiations with the Environmental Protection Agency to intimate workshops with local businesses and small retail organizing. She is the recipient of numerous awards, including ELLE Magazine’s Gold Award and OxFam America’s Act Local, Think Global Award, and she was named one of The Root’s 100 Most Influential African Americans. 


Meet The Team

Vonda Vaden Bates

Vonda Vaden Bates is an alliance builder and leadership coach. For over 30 years Vonda has guided professionals to succeed on behalf of their organizations and careers. She helps people move from potential to action, set and reach goals, manage engaged teams, and communicate with influence. Her creative approach has influenced major market shifts in television, retail, banking, technology, and education..

In 2013 Vonda decided to contribute her skills on behalf of safety in health care after researching how her husband, Yogiraj Charles Bates, died from one of the most common preventable causes of death, hospital-associated venous thromboembolism. Advocating for every person in the care system, Vonda brings a compassionate voice, strategic skills, and collaboration expertise to improve communication and safety in health care.

Meet Vonda Vaden Bates: Alliance builder & leadership coach with 30+ years' experience. Advocates for healthcare safety after personal loss
Photo of Zee Xaymaca, M.A.: Advocate for social & economic equity, focusing on Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, & People of Color. Experienced researcher & educator in intersectional sex workers' rights.


Zee Xaymaca, M.A., is dedicated to social and economic equity for, Queer, and Trans Black and Indigenous persons and People of Color. They hold a bachelor's degree in Political Science and a master’s degree in International Relations and Global Governance with a research focus on international human rights issues and mechanisms. For over 5 years’ they have worked with the Best Practices Policy Project, a US based sex workers rights organization, working locally and internationally as an intersectional sex workers rights researcher, and educator in grassroots organizing spaces. Their work includes research and political engagement with formal institutions such as the United Nations, The International AIDS society, and state legislators on environmental justice, labor rights, criminal justice, and other interconnected issues Black sex workers face. Their work emphasizes Black liberation as a tool for universal empowerment, particularly for Black femmes who fight white supremacy with their very existence. Zee’s work is based in Black Feminist theory’s critique of the narratives of truth, propriety, and morality that white supremacy has imposed.


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